Ubit Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ubit::UAlertboxAlertbox gadget
ubit::UAlphaAlpha blending property of a (UBox) container
ubit::UAppliThe Application Context
ubit::UArgs[impl] additive arglists passed as an argument to UGroup and subclasses
ubit::UBackgroundBox Background
ubit::UBarUBar = horizontal toolbar or status bar
ubit::UBorderBorder decoration Property
ubit::UBoxBox container
ubit::UBrickBase class of objects that can be added to the scene graph (and of XML nodes): see important note on RECURSIVE DESTRUCTION
ubit::UButtonButton widget
ubit::UCallUCall and its template subclasses define a family of classes for adding callback functions and methods
ubit::UCardboxCard box (or Tabbed Pane)
ubit::UCDATASectionXML CDATASection
ubit::UCheckboxCheckbox gadget
ubit::UChild[impl] Internal implementation of a child node
ubit::UChildrenChild (or attribute) list
ubit::UChoiceExclusive selector for UListbox, UTreebox, UCombobox
ubit::UClassUbit class
ubit::UColorColor property of a (UGroup or UBox) container
ubit::UComboboxCombo box gadget
ubit::UCommentXML Comment
ubit::UCondBase class for Ubit conditions
ubit::UConfConfiguration of the UAppli
ubit::UContext[impl] UContext = a subcontext (not the first layer of the context cstack) and a base for UWinContext (the first layer of the cstack)
ubit::UControlGeneric interaction controller
ubit::UCssParser[impl] CSS parser for XML/HTML documents
ubit::UCssProps[impl] precompiled CSS properties
ubit::UCssStyles[impl] precompiled HTML Elements Styles
ubit::UCstrUseful functions for C strings
ubit::UCtlActionCallback object for UCtlmenu items (base class)
ubit::UCtlmenuControl menu
ubit::UCtlmenu3dA Control menu that makes it possible to control the UPos3d of a UBox interactively
ubit::UCursorMouse cursor property
ubit::UDataBase class for Viewable Objects
ubit::UDataPropsInformation on UData objects that are being retrieved by UEvent::findData() or UEvent::findStr()
ubit::UDialogUDialog: (non iconifiable) dialog box
ubit::UDispDisplay Context
ubit::UDocGeneric Document
ubit::UDocAttachmentDocument attachment (image, stylesheet, etc
ubit::UDocboxDocument box gadget
ubit::UDocCreatorDocument creator interface (intended to be subclassed)
ubit::UDocFactoryDocument Factory: use this class to read documents
ubit::UDocSourceDocument source (file, buffer, etc
ubit::UDoubleActive Double
ubit::UEditText editing and caret controller
ubit::UErrorBase class for Ubit Errors and Exceptions
ubit::UErrorLogError Log
ubit::UEventUbit Event class
ubit::UEventFlowEvent Flow
ubit::UFatalErrorFatal Error
ubit::UFileCacheFile cache
ubit::UFileInfoFile info
ubit::UFileModeFile mode
ubit::UFileStatFile status returned by functions that open files
ubit::UFileTypeFile type
ubit::UFinderFile finder
ubit::UFinderCom[Impl] UFinder communication (remote file access by using ssh, etc)
ubit::UFinderControls[Impl] UFinder controls
ubit::UFinderDir[Impl] A directory in the UFinder
ubit::UFinderHost[Impl] A host in the UFinder
ubit::UFinderListenerUFinder Listener
ubit::UFlagFlagging conditions
ubit::UFlagdefDefines a flag that is inherited in the scene graph
ubit::UFlatbuttonFlat Button gadget
ubit::UFlatDoc< Base of flat documents that just contains flat text or an image see also: UXmlDoc for XML "hierarchical" documents
ubit::UFloatActive Float
ubit::UFlowboxUFlowbox = Box with a Flow Layout (similar to an HTML page)
ubit::UFontFont of a UGroup or UBox container
ubit::UFontDesc[impl] Internal representation for fonts
ubit::UFontFamilyConfFont Family
ubit::UFrameUFrame: iconifiable toplevel window
ubit::UGlpaneA widget for rendering OpenGL graphics
ubit::UGraphClass for drawing graphics in UBox view(s)
ubit::UGroupLogical "grouping" container
ubit::UHalignHorizontal Layout policy of a UBox
ubit::UHboxUHbox = horizontal Box
ubit::UHeightBox Height policy
ubit::UHeightChooserBox Height property than can be changed interactively
ubit::UHmarginHorizontal Margin property
ubit::UHspacingHorizontal Spacing property
ubit::UHtmlCreator[impl] HTML Creator
ubit::UHtmlGrammarHTML Grammar
ubit::UHtmlParserHTML Parser
ubit::UIconUIcon (for UIconbox)
ubit::UIconboxIcon box
ubit::UImaImage Brick
ubit::UInputUInput object fires callbacks when a file or a socket gets data
ubit::UInputEventInput events (base class for UMouseEvent and un KeyEvent)
ubit::UInscaleScale conditions (for semantic zooming)
ubit::UIntegerActive Integer
ubit::UInternalErrorInternal Error
ubit::UItemItem Button widget (a kind of button that is used in UListbox(es))
ubit::UKeyEventKeyboard events
ubit::ULabelLabel widget
ubit::ULinkbuttonLink Button gadget
ubit::UListbox"classical" List widget
ubit::ULogHandlerLog Handler
ubit::UMagicLensPosChooserMakes it possible to change the UPos of a Magic Lens interactively
ubit::UMarginsBox margins
ubit::UMenuUMenu: pulldown or cascaded menu
ubit::UMenubarMenu bar
ubit::UMenuManager[Implementation] manages the stack of menus that are currently opened on a given EventFlow
ubit::UMessageUbit Message
ubit::UMessageEventMessage events
ubit::UMessagePortUbit Message Port
ubit::UModeObjects' modes
ubit::UMouseEventMouse events
ubit::UMServiceUMService: Ubit Mouse/Message Service
ubit::UMService::BrowseReplySee browseUMServers()
ubit::UMService::ResolveReplySee resolveUMServer()
ubit::UMSrequestUMS Request (from a Client to the UMS server)
ubit::UNatAppli[Impl] Native Application Context
ubit::UNatDisp[Impl] Native Display Context
ubit::UNatGraphImplementation: Native Graphics Context
ubit::UNatWinImplementation: Native Window
ubit::UNotFlag[impl] negation of a UFlag condition
ubit::UNumberActive Number base class
ubit::UObjectBase class of all Ubit objects
ubit::UOnEvent conditions
ubit::UOptionSpecification and retreiving of non standard options on the command line
ubit::UOrientUBox Orientation
ubit::UPaintEventPaint event
ubit::UPanActionCallback object for UCtlmenu items (for panning a UBox)
ubit::UPaneViewPane View Renderer
ubit::UParent[impl] Internal implementation of a parent node
ubit::UParentsParent list
ubit::UPiemenuPie menu
ubit::UPixPixmap Image object
ubit::UPlacementConstraints for Window Placement
ubit::UPluginDoc< Documents that needs a plugin to be displayed
ubit::UPopmenuUPopmenu: Contextual Menu
ubit::UPosBox Position
ubit::UPos3d3D position of a UBox
ubit::UPosChooserMakes it possible to change a UPos interactively (in order to move a ubox)
ubit::UProcessingInstructionXML ProcessingInstruction
ubit::UPropBase class for Graphical Properties
ubit::UPropdefDefines a property that is inherited in the scene graph
ubit::UPropsProperty List
ubit::UPropvalGets the value of an inherited property
ubit::URadiobuttonRadio Button gadget
ubit::URadioSelectExclusive selector for selecting boxes (eg
ubit::URegion[Impl] Rectangular Region
ubit::UScaleScale of a UBox container
ubit::UScrollActionCallback object for UCtlmenu items (for scrolling a UScrollpane)
ubit::UScrollbarScrollbar widget
ubit::UScrollbarViewScrollbar View Renderer
ubit::UScrollpaneA box with (optionnal) scrollbars that manages a viewport
ubit::USelectionText selection
ubit::USeparSeparator gadget
ubit::USliderSlider widget
ubit::USliderbuttonStyleUSliderbutton for scrollbars
ubit::USocketUbit Simple Sockets
ubit::USpinboxSpinbox gadget
ubit::UStatusbarStatus bar
ubit::UStrActive Character String
ubit::UStyleCompiled Object Style
ubit::UStyleParserStyle Parser
ubit::UStyleProps[impl] precompiled style properties
ubit::USymbolGraphical Symbols
ubit::UTabbuttonTab Button widget (for tabbed panes,
ubit::UTableUTable = class for creating (simplified) HTML like tables
ubit::UTableViewTableView Renderer see also: UTable
ubit::UTcellTable Cell
ubit::UTextareaTextarea widget: multiple line editor
ubit::UTextboxTextbox gadget: base class for handling text
ubit::UTextfieldTextfield widget: single line editor
ubit::UTimerUTimer object fires callbacks after a given delay
ubit::UTrowTable Row
ubit::UUpdateHow to update UGroup, UBox, UWin objects and subclasses
ubit::UValignVertical Layout policy of a UBox
ubit::UVboxUVbox = vertical Box
ubit::UViewBox View
ubit::UViewProp[Impl] View prop: used by certain views when useful
ubit::UViewStyleSpecifies the View Style of an UBox
ubit::UVmarginVertical Margin property
ubit::UVspacingVertical Spacing property
ubit::UWheelEventWheel events
ubit::UWidthBox Width Policy
ubit::UWidthChooserBox Width property than can be changed interactively
ubit::UWinBase class for windows and menus (abstract class)
ubit::UWinContext[impl] UWinContext = the first layer of the context cstack
ubit::UXmlCreator[impl] XML Creator
ubit::UXmlDocXML Doc
ubit::UXmlDocTypeXML DocType
ubit::UXmlGrammarXML Grammar
ubit::UXmlGrammarsList of XML Grammars
ubit::UXmlParserXML parser
ubit::UZoomActionCallback object for UCtlmenu items (for zooming a UBox)

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