ubit::UColor Class Reference

Color property of a (UGroup or UBox) container. More...

#include <ucolor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UColor (const UColor &)
 UColor (int r, int g, int b)
 UColor (const char *color_spec)
 UColor (const UStr &color_spec)
 creates a new color object.
UColoroperator= (const UColor &c)
virtual void set (const UColor &)
virtual void set (int r, int g, int b)
virtual void set (const char *color_spec)
virtual void set (const UStr &color_spec)
 changes color.
bool operator== (const UColor &c) const
bool operator!= (const UColor &c) const
virtual bool equals (const UColor &) const
virtual void update ()
 update parents' graphics.
bool realize (UDisp *)
 [impl] allocates physical resources on this display.

Static Public Attributes

static UColor none
 predefined color constants.
static UColor inherit
static UColor white
static UColor black
static UColor grey
static UColor lightgrey
static UColor darkgrey
static UColor navy
static UColor lightblue
static UColor blue
static UColor red
static UColor green
static UColor yellow
static UColor orange
static UColor wheat
static UColor teal
static UColor disabled


UColorucolor (const UColor &c)
UColorucolor (int r, int g, int b)
UColorucolor (const char *c)
UColorucolor (const UStr &c)
 creator shortcut that is equivalent to: *new UColor().

Detailed Description

Color property of a (UGroup or UBox) container.

this property specifies the foreground color of a container. It is inherited by children, except if they have their own UColor property, or if their UStyle specifies that they don't inherit UColor.

As for other properties, a UColor object should be added to the attribute list of containers. It can also be inserted in the child list in which case it takes effect on the following children.

See also:
also: UProp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ubit::UColor::UColor ( const UStr color_spec  ) 

creates a new color object.

default value is black. arguments are specified as follows:

Member Function Documentation

bool ubit::UColor::realize ( UDisp  ) 

[impl] allocates physical resources on this display.

this function is called when the color is used for the first time. There no need to call it explicitely except for loading colors in advance. Note: the UAppli can be given as an argument.

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