ubit::USelection Class Reference

text selection. More...

#include <uselection.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 USelection (const UColor *color, const UColor *bgcolor, const UFont *)
void copyText (UStr &)
void cutText (UStr &)
void deleteText ()
void clear ()
UColorcolor ()
UColorbgcolor ()
UFontfont ()
const UGroupgetObj ()

Protected Member Functions

void setObj (UGroup *obj)
void start (UMouseEvent &)
void extend (UMouseEvent &)
bool complete (UMouseEvent &)
void keyPress (UKeyEvent &)
bool beingSelected ()
void perform (UStr *copy, bool del)


class UEdit
class UStr
class UEventFlow

Detailed Description

text selection.

Member Function Documentation

void ubit::USelection::perform ( UStr copy,
bool  del 
) [protected]

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