ubit::UKeyEvent Class Reference

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#include <uevent.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual UKeyEventkeyEvent ()
virtual unsigned short getKeyChar () const
 returns the typed character (in ISO Latin).
virtual unsigned long getKeyCode () const
 returns the X KeySym.
virtual void setKeyChar (unsigned short)
 changes the typed character (in ISO Latin).
virtual void setKeyCode (unsigned long)
 changes the X KeySym.
virtual int decodeKey ()
 UKeyEvent (UEventFlow *f, UView *v, USysEvent e, UTime t, const UCond &c)

Detailed Description

keyboard events

Member Function Documentation

void ubit::UKeyEvent::setKeyChar ( unsigned  short  )  [virtual]

changes the typed character (in ISO Latin).

Note: this can be useful to hide actual text (for a password for instance).

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