ubit::UFlag Class Reference

Flagging conditions. More...

#include <ucond.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool verifies (const UContext &, const UControl *) const

Static Public Attributes

static const UFlag none

Detailed Description

Flagging conditions.

for specifying conditionnal objets that are only active when this condition is verified. Works in conbination with UFlagdef. Example:

 const UFlag showStores, showMuseums;

   UBox& stores = ...;  // whatever
   UBox& museums = ...; // whatever
   UBox& scene = ubox( showStores/stores + showMuseums/museums );

   // the stores appear in this box (the museums are ignored)
   UBox& scene_with_stores  = ubox( uflagdef(showStores) + scene);

   // the museums appear in this box (the stores are ignored)
   UBox& scene_with_museums = ubox( uflagdef(showMuseums) + scene);

!Warning: UFlag objects must not be deleted! See also: UFlagdef, UPropdef.

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