ubit::UPix Class Reference

Pixmap Image object. More...

#include <upix.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UPix:

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Public Member Functions

 UPix (const UStr &filename, bool load_now=false)
 UPix (const char *filename=null, bool load_now=false)
 UPix (const char **xpm_data, bool load_now=false)
 create a pixmap image.
 UPix (const char **xpm_data, UMask)
virtual ~UPix ()
std::vector< UNatPix * > & getNatPixs () const
virtual UNatPixgetOrCreatePix (UNatDisp *, float xyscale) const

Static Public Attributes

static UPix folder
static UPix ofolder
static UPix doc
static UPix diskette
static UPix plus
static UPix minus
static UPix ellipsis
static UPix rball
static UPix select
static UPix edit
static UPix cross
static UPix check
static UPix zoom
static UPix undo
static UPix stop
static UPix question
static UPix hslider
static UPix vslider
static UPix left
static UPix right
static UPix up
static UPix down
static UPix leftarrow
static UPix rightarrow
static UPix uparrow
static UPix downarrow
static UPix bigFolder
static UPix bigDoc
static UPix bigText
static UPix bigIma
static UPix bigUp
static UPix bigDown
static UPix bigLeft
static UPix bigRight
static UPix ray
static UPix eyes
static UPix windows
static UPix book
static UPix colors
static UPix metal
static UPix velin
 Predefined Pixmap Images (small icons).


UPixupix (const UStr &filename)
UPixupix (const char *filename)
UPixupix (const char **xpm_data)
 creator shortcuts (see constructor for details)

Detailed Description

Pixmap Image object.

Works in the same way as UIma (but may be faster). background transparency (ie. image shapes) is supported for XPM images see class UIma for details.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ubit::UPix::UPix ( const char **  xpm_data,
bool  load_now = false 

create a pixmap image.

see UIma::UIma for details Notes:

ubit::UPix::~UPix (  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

UPix ubit::UPix::velin [static]

Predefined Pixmap Images (small icons).

some of these pixmaps were originally designed by Ludvig A. Norin for the FVWM window manager. Please refer to file upixmaps.hpp for notice (more pixmaps are also available in this file). NB: most of these pixmaps are shaped (= have a "transparent" background)

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