ubit::UClass Class Reference

Ubit class. More...

#include <uclass.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UClass:

ubit::UAttributeClass ubit::UElementClass List of all members.

Public Member Functions

const UStrname () const
 returns the class name.
const UStrgetName () const
 returns the class name.
int id () const
 returns the class ID.
int getId () const
 returns the class ID.
virtual bool isInstance (UObject &obj) const
 checks if obj derives from this class.
virtual UObjectnewInstance () const
 creates a new instance of the corresponding C++ class (or null if the class is abstract).
virtual UStylenewStyle () const
 creates a new instance of the style of this class (or null if not applicable).
virtual UMask getModes () const
 returns modes that are specific to this class.

Protected Member Functions

 UClass (const char *name)
 UClass (const UStr &name)
virtual void initClass ()

Detailed Description

Ubit class.

Ubit classes make it possible to associate useful data to each UBrick subclass such as:

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