ubit::UIcon Class Reference

UIcon (for UIconbox). More...

#include <uicon.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UIcon (const UArgs &=UArgs::none)
 UIcon (UIcon::Props *, const UArgs &=UArgs::none)
virtual int read (const UStr &name, const UStr &pathname)
 reads content from a file.
virtual void set (const UStr &name, UGroup &content)
virtual void set (const UStr &name, UData &content)
virtual void set (const UStr &name, UFileMode)
 sets name and content.
virtual void clear ()
UStrname ()
const UStrgetName () const
void setMode (UFileMode)
UFileMode getMode () const
UImafindIconImage ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void constructs (UIcon::Props *)
virtual void selectNameCB (UEvent &e, bool)

Protected Attributes

uptr< Props > props
uptr< UBoxima_box
uptr< UBoxtext_box
uptr< UStrpname
uptr< class UEditname_edit
UFileMode filemode

Detailed Description

UIcon (for UIconbox).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ubit::UIcon::UIcon ( UIcon::Props *  ,
const UArgs = UArgs::none 


note that UIcon::Props is shared and should not be destroyed this icon will be upadted if the fields of this argument are changed default props are used if this arg is null.

Member Function Documentation

int ubit::UIcon::read ( const UStr name,
const UStr pathname 
) [virtual]

reads content from a file.

name is the string that is displayed in the icon. returned value: UFilestat or UXmlStat

void ubit::UIcon::set ( const UStr name,
) [virtual]

sets name and content.

Note: content is not copied and should not be destroyed while the UIcon is used. It will be destroyed automatically when the UIcon is destroyed if its is not part of the instance graph nor pointed by an uptr<>

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