ubit::UCond Class Reference

Base class for Ubit conditions. More...

#include <ucond.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UCond:

ubit::UFlag ubit::UInscale ubit::UNotFlag ubit::UOn List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool operator== (const UCond &c) const
virtual bool operator!= (const UCond &c) const
virtual const UCondmatches (const UCond &c) const
virtual bool verifies (const UContext &, const UControl *) const =0
template<class A, class R>
Truc_F1< A, R > operator/ (R(*f)(A))
template<class A, class R, class E>
Truc_F1E< A, R, E > operator/ (R(*f)(E &, A))
template<class A1, class A2, class R>
Truc_F2< A1, A2, R > operator/ (R(*f)(A1, A2))
template<class A1, class A2, class R, class E>
Truc_F2E< A1, A2, R, E > operator/ (R(*f)(E &, A1, A2))
virtual UOnonCast ()
virtual const UOnonCast () const
virtual void setParentModes (UControl *parent) const

Detailed Description

Base class for Ubit conditions.

main subclasses: UOn, UFlag, UInscale. Example:

    ubutton("Click Me" + UOn::action / ucall(arg, myfunc))
!Warning: UCond (and subclasses) objects must not be deleted.

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