ubit::UObject Class Reference

Base class of all Ubit objects. More...

#include <uobject.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UObject:

ubit::UBrick ubit::UCall ubit::UCDATASection ubit::UComment ubit::UControl ubit::UData ubit::UInput ubit::UMode ubit::UNumber ubit::UProcessingInstruction ubit::UProp ubit::UTimer ubit::UXmlDocType List of all members.

Public Member Functions

const char * getTypeName () const
 returns the C++ class name of this object.
virtual const UStrgetClassName () const
 returns the Ubit class name of this object.
virtual const UClassgetClass () const
virtual UBrickbrickCast ()
virtual UProppropCast ()
virtual UDatadataCast ()
virtual UStrstrCast ()
virtual UCallcallCast ()
virtual UGroupgroupCast ()
virtual UBoxboxCast ()
virtual UWinwinCast ()
virtual UMenumenuCast ()
 dynamic cast.
void addPtr () const
void removePtr () const
int getPtrCount () const
virtual bool canPtrDelete () const
 UObject (const UObject &)
UObjectoperator= (const UBrick &)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getVersion ()
 returns the version of the Ubit package.
static const UClassclassid ()
static void deferenceError (const void *)
 < returns true if the object should be deleted when its last uptr<> is removed.


class UBrick

Detailed Description

Base class of all Ubit objects.

See also:
: the uptr<> template for smart pointers.

Member Function Documentation

const UStr & ubit::UObject::getClassName (  )  const [virtual]

returns the Ubit class name of this object.

this function returns getClass().name(). It will return the proper class name if (and only if!) getClass() is redefined for ALL UObject subclasses (the superclass name is returned otherwise).

See also:
: getClass(), getTypeName().

const char * ubit::UObject::getTypeName (  )  const

returns the C++ class name of this object.

this function returns typeid(*this).name(). Unfortunately, this value depends on the compiler and may be mangled.

See also:
: getClassName().

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