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Mouse cursor property. More...

#include <ucursor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UCursor (const UCursor &=UCursor::none)
 UCursor (int shape_spec, UMask bmodes=0)
 creates a new Cursor shape_spec is a X-Window shape number.
UCursoroperator= (const UCursor &c)
virtual UCursorset (const UCursor &)
 copies another UCursor.
bool operator== (const UCursor &c) const
bool operator!= (const UCursor &c) const
virtual bool equals (const UCursor &) const
 compares two cursors.
int getShape () const
 return the X-Window shape number.
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.
std::vector< UNatCursor * > & getNatCursors () const
 [impl] returns the corresponding Native Cursor objects.

Static Public Attributes

static UCursor none
static UCursor pointer
static UCursor crosshair
static UCursor text
static UCursor hand
static UCursor pencil
static UCursor wait
static UCursor question
static UCursor drag
static UCursor plus
static UCursor move
static UCursor hresize
static UCursor vresize
 predefined cursors.

Detailed Description

Mouse cursor property.

this property specifies the shape of the cursor in a UBox. It is inherited by children, except if they have their own UCursor, or if their UStyle specifies another UCursor. As other UProp(s), a UCursor instance must be added as an attribute (or as a child) of the UBox.

See also:
: UProp.

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