ubit::UConf Class Reference

configuration of the UAppli. More...

#include <uconf.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void parseOptions (int &argc, char **argv, UOption *options)
 retrieves options from the command line.
virtual void readProperties (const char *pathname)
 retrieves properties from a configuration file.
UPropsgetProps (const char *category)
 see readProperties().
virtual void printHelp ()
 prints Ubit help on cout.
void useX11 ()
void useGL ()
void use3D ()
 specifies if X11, OpenGL or U3D is used for rendering.
void useGLRender ()
void setBpp (int)
 specifies the prefered number of bits for pixels (default = 24).

Public Attributes

UStr locale
 locale of the application (default = "" : the environment locale)
float scale
 scaling factor for rendering the application (default = 1,0).
int info_level
 level of info messages (none if == 0).
UFontFamilyConf sans_serif
UFontFamilyConf serif
UFontFamilyConf monospace
 configuration of standard fonts.
 the default font of the application (default = UFont::sans_serif).
UBackground default_background
 the default background of the application.
 the image that appears instead of an unknown image (when applicable).
 attributes of the text selection.
bool xsync
bool usync
 enables synchronous graphics rendering for X11 and Ubit (default: false).
bool menu_grab
 enables mouse grabs when opening menus (default: true).
bool postpone_delete
 delete operations of objects that derive from UBrick are postponed until the main loop returns (default: true).
bool soft_dbf
 enables soft double buffering when X11 is used for rendering graphics (default: true).
bool transp_scrollbars
 scrollbars are transparent and superimposed (default: false).
bool softwins
 windows are rendered as "soft windows" in the main frame (default: false).
bool telepointers
 telepointers are shown when the appli is displayed on several X servers.
bool generic_textsel
 any object can select text (default: false).
bool linear_gamma
 enables gamma correction on Solaris (obsolete).
int mouse_select_button
 standard button (default = left btn = UEvent::MButton1).
int mouse_menu_button
 button that opens contextual menus (default = right btn or Ctrl-btn on the Mac = UEvent::MButton3).
int mouse_alt_button
 alternate button (default = middle btn or Alt-btn on the Mac = UEvent::MButton2).
int click_radius
unsigned long multi_click_delay
 < UOn::mclick is not generated if the mouse if moved more than this distance. max delay (in millisec) between 2 mouse clicks to generate a multiple click (UOn::mbiclick, etc).
unsigned long auto_repeat_delay
 delay (in millisec) before UMode::autoRepeat becomes active.
unsigned long open_tip_delay
 delay (in millisec) before a UTip is opened.
unsigned long open_submenu_delay
 delay (in millisec) before a cascaded UMenu is opened.
unsigned long resize_window_delay
 delay (in millisec) before a UWindow is resized (when it is retailed by the user).
UStr name
 name of the application (default = "": will be set to argv[0]).
UStr display
 name of the X11 display (default = "": the local X server is used)
int filebox_width
int filebox_height
int filebox_line_count
 Impl: default is 400, 230, 10.


class UDisp
class UNatDisp
class UAppli
class UAppliImpl
class UGlpane
class UFrame3d

Detailed Description

configuration of the UAppli.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ubit::UConf::parseOptions ( int &  argc,
char **  argv,
UOption options 
) [virtual]

retrieves options from the command line.

this function parses the command line (ie. argc, argv) to retrieve options that are specified in the 'options' argument which is a NULL terminated table of UOption elements:

See also:
UOption for details. Note: parseOptions() is called by UAppli::UAppli() if its 'options' argument is not null.

virtual void ubit::UConf::readProperties ( const char *  pathname  )  [virtual]

retrieves properties from a configuration file.

'pathname' specifies a file that has a CSS syntax which can start with a ~ (eg. ~/.uremote). For instance, if this file exists and contains:

   local {
     color: red;
     sizes: 8,10,12;
   remote {
     color: blue;
     sizes: 18,20,24;
these properties can be retrieved as follows in the program:
   UProps* props = UAppli::conf.getProps("local");
   if (props) {
      UStr* color = props->getProp("color");
      UStr* sizes = props->getProp("sizes");

void ubit::UConf::setBpp ( int   ) 

specifies the prefered number of bits for pixels (default = 24).

Note that:

void ubit::UConf::use3D (  ) 

specifies if X11, OpenGL or U3D is used for rendering.


Member Data Documentation

int ubit::UConf::mouse_alt_button

alternate button (default = middle btn or Alt-btn on the Mac = UEvent::MButton2).

used for pasting_text, DND and scroll_to_pointed_position in scrollbars.

UColor* ubit::UConf::selection_bgcolor

attributes of the text selection.

these values can be set to null in which case they have no effect

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