ubit::UInscale Class Reference

Scale conditions (for semantic zooming). More...

#include <ucond.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UInscale (float smin, float smax)
void setMin (float smin)
void setMax (float smax)
float getMin () const
float getMax () const
virtual bool verifies (const UContext &, const UControl *) const


UInscaleuinscale (float smin, float smax)

Detailed Description

Scale conditions (for semantic zooming).

objects prefixed by this range condition will only appear or be effective if the scale (see UScale) is inside this range. example:

      uinscale(0.75,2.50) / ubox(UColor::red + "Hello World!")
this box will only be visible is the scale is between 0.75 and 2.50

!Warning: UInscale objects must not be deleted!

Note: UInscale was called USrange in older versions of the Ubit toolkit.

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