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Box Background. More...

#include <uprop.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UBackground ()
 creates an empty background prop.
 UBackground (const UBackground &)
 creates and initializes a background prop.
 UBackground (UColor &)
 creates a background prop with a solid color (which is not copied and should not be destroyed).
 UBackground (UIma &)
 creates a background prop with an image (which is not copied and should not be destroyed).
UBackgroundoperator= (const UBackground &)
bool operator== (const UBackground &)
virtual UBackgroundsetColor (UColor &)
 specify a solid color (which is not copied and should not be destroyed).
virtual UBackgroundsetIma (UIma &, bool tiling=true)
 specify a background image (which is not copied and should not be destroyed).
virtual UBackgroundsetTiling (bool)
 sets tiling on or off in each direction.
 operator UColor & ()
 returns the current color if any; UColor::white otherwise.
const UColorgetColor () const
UColorgetColor ()
 returns the current color if any; null otherwise.
const UImagetIma () const
UImagetIma ()
 returns the current image if any; null otherwise.
bool isTiled () const
 returns true if the image is tiled.
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.
virtual void putProp (UContext *, UControl *)
 [impl] changes corresponding value in the UContext
void set (UColor &c)

Static Public Attributes

static UBackground none
static UBackground inherit
static UBackground metal
static UBackground velin
static UBackground white
static UBackground black
static UBackground grey
static UBackground lightgrey
static UBackground darkgrey
static UBackground navy
static UBackground lightblue
static UBackground blue
static UBackground red
static UBackground green
static UBackground yellow
static UBackground orange
static UBackground wheat
static UBackground teal
 predefined background constants.


UBackgroundubackground (UBackground &b)
UBackgroundubackground (UColor &c)
UBackgroundubackground (UIma &i)
 shortcuts for *new UBackground().
UBackgroundubgcolor (int r, int g, int b)

Detailed Description

Box Background.

this property specifies the background of a UBox container. It is inherited by children, except if they have their own UBackground property, or if their UStyle specifies another UBackground.

This property can be added to the attribute list of one or several containers that derive from UBox. It can also be inserted in the beginning of their child list (see UProp).

Note: UBgcolor is an obsolete synonym for UBackground

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