ubit::UPaneView Class Reference

Pane View Renderer. More...

#include <uscrollpane.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual UViewStylegetViewStyle ()
 UViewStyle renderer. returns the default view style.
 UPaneView (UChild *, UView *parview, UHardWinImpl *)
virtual UPaneViewpaneCast ()
 dynamic cast.
int getXScroll ()
int getYScroll ()
virtual void setXScroll (int scr)
virtual void setYScroll (int scr)
 note that using these functions is not a good idea if this pane is already controlled by scrollbars.

Static Public Member Functions

static UViewcreateView (UChild *, UView *parview, UHardWinImpl *)
 createView() is a static constructor used by UViewStyle to make a new view.

Static Public Attributes

static UViewStyle style

Detailed Description

Pane View Renderer.

used by: UPane

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