ubit::UNatWin Class Reference

Implementation: Native Window. More...

#include <unatwin.hpp>

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Public Types

 NONE = 0
 BUFFER = 1<<0
 EXTERNAL = 1<<1
 FRAME = 1<<2
enum  {
  NONE = 0, BUFFER = 1<<0, EXTERNAL = 1<<1, FRAME = 1<<2,

Public Member Functions

 UNatWin ()
 win_sys not created by this constructor.
 UNatWin (UNatDisp *, unsigned short _wintype)
 UNatWin (const UNatWin &)
UNatWinoperator= (const UNatWin &)
bool isRealized () const
USysWin getSysWin () const
USysScreen getSysScreen () const
USysDisp getSysDisp () const
void setTitle (const UStr &)
void show (bool)
void toBack ()
void toFront ()
void setPos (int x_screen_x, int y_screen)
void getPos (int &x_screen_x, int &y_screen)
void setSize (int width, int height)
void getSize (int &width, int &height)

Static Public Member Functions

static UNatWincreateBuffer (UNatDisp *, int width, int height)


class UDisp
class UGraph
class UNatGraph
class UNatDisp
class UHardWinImpl

Detailed Description

Implementation: Native Window.

Member Function Documentation

void ubit::UNatWin::getPos ( int &  x_screen_x,
int &  y_screen 

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