ubit::UBorder Class Reference

Border decoration Property. More...

#include <uborder.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  {

Public Member Functions

 UBorder (int decoration=NONE)
 UBorder (int decoration, const UColor &color, const UColor &bgcolor, int hmargins=1, int vmargins=1, UMask=0)
 creates a new Border with custom properties.
 UBorder (const UBorder &)
 creates a new Border that is a copy of another Border.
 UBorder (const UArgs &children)
 creates a border that contains widgets.
UBorderoperator= (const UBorder &)
UBorderaddlist (const UArgs &)
UBorderaddlist (bool is_overlaid, const UArgs &)
int getDecoration () const
UBordersetDecoration (int decoration)
const UColorgetColor () const
UBordersetColor (const UColor &)
 changes foreground color; beware that the color arg is NOT duplicated and can't be freed.
const UColorgetBgcolor () const
UBordersetBgcolor (const UColor &)
 changes background color; beware that the color arg is NOT duplicated and can't be freed.
int getThickness () const
UBordersetThickness (int)
const UMarginsgetMargins () const
UBordersetMargins (const UMargins &)
virtual UGroupgetSubGroup ()
 [Impl] returns the children of an active UBorder.
bool isSuperimposed () const
 returns true if the border is superimposed.
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.
virtual void putProp (UContext *, UControl *)
 [impl] changes corresponding value in the UContext
virtual void paint (UGraph &, const UContext &, const URegion &r) const
virtual void getSize (const UContext &, UMargins &) const

Static Public Attributes

static UBorder none
static UBorder empty
static UBorder line
static UBorder shadowIn
static UBorder shadowOut
static UBorder etchedIn
static UBorder etchedOut
 predefined borders.

Detailed Description

Border decoration Property.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ubit::UBorder::UBorder ( int  decoration,
const UColor color,
const UColor bgcolor,
int  hmargins = 1,
int  vmargins = 1,
UMask  = 0 

creates a new Border with custom properties.

att: 6aug6: hmargins et vmargins inverses. arguments:

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