ubit::UFinder Class Reference

file finder. More...

#include <ufinder.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UFinder (const UStr &pathname=".")
virtual void open (const UStr &pathname)
 opens a directory or a file (the second variant normalizes pathname).
virtual void openParent ()
virtual void openEntry ()
virtual void nextEntry ()
virtual void previousEntry ()
 navigates in the finder.
virtual bool browseHosts ()
virtual UFinderHostaddHost (const UStr &hostname, int pos=-1)
virtual UFinderHostaddHostCB (const UStr *hostname, int pos=-1)
virtual void removeHost (UFinderHost *)
virtual void addHosts (const std::vector< UStr * > &hostnames)
virtual void addHosts (const char *hostnames[])
virtual void createClone (const UStr &hostname)
 creates a synchronized clone on hostname.
virtual void setTracking (bool)
virtual void setTracking (bool doc, bool icons)
 tracking mode updates the value while the scrollbar is being dragged (default is true).
virtual UFinderListenergetListener ()
virtual void setListener (UFinderListener *)
 gets/set the current listener.
Options & getOptions ()
 returns the options of the UFinder.
UDocboxgetCurrentBox ()
 returns the docbox or the iconbox which is currently shown.
UIconboxgetIconbox ()
UIcongetSelectedIcon ()
 return the icon box that is currently shown (if any, null otherwise), and the selected icon in this iconbox.
UDocboxgetDocbox ()
UDocgetDoc ()
 return the document box that is currently shown (if any, null otherwise), and the document icon in this docbox.
UBoxgetGlass ()
 returns the glass box that is on top of the document box.
virtual void zoom (float zoom=1.)
virtual void zoomIn ()
virtual void zoomOut ()
virtual void setZoomQuantum (float)
UCtlmenugetContextMenu ()
 returns the Contextual menu of the Finder.
virtual void openContextMenuIn (UBox &)
virtual UCtlmenucreateContextMenu ()
void showDocGlass (bool state)
 shows/hides the document glass.
void showSideBar (bool state)
 shows/hides the side bar (located on the left side).
void showAlert (const UStr &msg)
void hideAlert ()
 shows/hides an alert message.

Protected Member Functions

void openFBox (UFilebox &)
void openMsg (UMessageEvent &)
virtual void openImpl (const UStr &path, int path_mode, int path_type)
virtual int openFile (const UStr &path, int path_type)
virtual int openDir (const UStr &path, int path_type)
virtual int openDir (UFinderDir *)
virtual void showFile (const UStr &path, UDoc *)
virtual void showDir (const UStr &path)
virtual void showPreview (UIcon *)
virtual void showPreviewRequest (UIcon *)
virtual void showIconPreviews ()
virtual void addToHistory (UFinderDir *)
virtual void removeFromHistory (UFinderDir *)
virtual UFinderDirfindDir (const UStr &path)
virtual void showDirInfo (UFinderDir *)
virtual void removeIconbox (UFinderDir *, bool upd)
virtual void iconSelectCB (UIconbox *)
virtual void iconActionCB (UIconbox *)
virtual void elementAction (UEvent &, UDoc *)
virtual void browseCB (UMessageEvent &)
bool isBrowsing () const
virtual void createCloneRequest (UMessageEvent &)
virtual UFramecreateCloneFrame (const UStr &title)


class UFinderDir
class UFinderHost
class UFinderFullwin
class UFinderControls
class UFinderCom

Detailed Description

file finder.

Member Function Documentation

UDocbox * ubit::UFinder::getCurrentBox (  ) 

returns the docbox or the iconbox which is currently shown.

return the same value as getIconbox() or getDocbox() depending on which object is shown.

void ubit::UFinder::setListener ( UFinderListener  )  [virtual]

gets/set the current listener.

the finder creates a default listener that opens documents when hyperlinks are clicked (see UFinderListener) limitation: only one listener in this version!

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