ubit::UDocbox Class Reference

document box gadget. More...

#include <uboxes.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UDocbox:

ubit::UVbox ubit::UBox ubit::UGroup ubit::UControl ubit::UBrick ubit::UObject ubit::UIconbox List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 UDocbox (const UArgs &=UArgs::none)
virtual UBoxtitlebar ()
virtual UScrollpanescrollpane ()
virtual UBoxcontent ()
virtual UScalescale ()
virtual void iconify (bool)
virtual bool isIconified () const
virtual void zoom (float value=1.)
virtual void zoomIn ()
virtual void zoomOut ()
virtual void setZoomQuantum (float)

Detailed Description

document box gadget.

a box that has a titlebar and a zoomable+scrollable working area. when a docbox is iconfied the working area is hidden but the titlebar remains visible.

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