ubit::UScale Class Reference

Scale of a UBox container. More...

#include <uboxGeom.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UScale (float value=1.)
 UScale (const UFloat &)
 operator float () const
 type conversion: returns value.
UScaleoperator= (float v)
UScaleoperator= (const UFloat &v)
UScaleoperator= (const UScale &v)
virtual void set (float)
bool operator== (float v) const
bool operator== (const UFloat &v) const
bool operator== (const UScale &v) const
virtual void mult (float)
virtual void div (float)
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.
virtual void putProp (UContext *, UControl *)
 [impl] changes corresponding value in the UContext


UScaleuscale (float v=1.)
UScaleuscale (const UFloat &v)

Detailed Description

Scale of a UBox container.

this property specifies the scale of a UBox. It is inherited by children but have an multiplicative behavior: if a (direct or indirect) child also have a UScale prop, its rendering scale will be the multiplication of both specifications. As other UProp(s), a UScale instance must be added to the attribute list (or child list, with some restrictions) of the container:

See also:
: UProp.

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