ubit::UPos Class Reference

Box Position. More...

#include <uboxGeom.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UPos (float x, float y)
 UPos (const UPos &)
 UPos (const UPoint &)
bool operator== (const UPos &p) const
UPosoperator= (const UPos &p)
UPosoperator= (const UPoint &p)
void setX (float _x)
void setY (float _y)
void set (float _x, float _y)
void set (const UPos &p)
void set (const UPoint &p)
float getX () const
float getY () const
 operator UPoint () const
void setPercentMode (bool is_percent, bool is_adjusted)
bool isPercent () const
bool isAdjustedPercent () const
 relative and percent mode (see class UPos for details).
bool isPos3d () const
 this a UPos3d property;
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.
virtual void setImpl (float x, float y, bool update)
virtual void putProp (UContext *, UControl *)
 [impl] changes corresponding value in the UContext


UPosupos ()
UPosupos (float x, float y)

Detailed Description

Box Position.

this property specifies the position of a UBox. As most boxes are laid out automatically, it should only be used when it is useful to locate a box at a given (x,y) position inside another (parent) box.

There are 3 possible ways to specify positions:

Restriction: UPos can't be used to control the position of windows (UWin objects)

As other UProp(s), a UProp instance must be added to the attribute list (or the child list, with some restrictions) of the container:

See also:
: UProp.

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