ubit::URadioSelect Class Reference

Exclusive selector for selecting boxes (eg. More...

#include <uchoice.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 URadioSelect (UInteger &index)
virtual void setCanUnselectMode (bool)
virtual bool isCanUnselectMode () const
 clicking on a selected item will unselect it if true (default is false).
virtual void clearSelection ()
 deselects the selected object (if any).
virtual UGroupgetSelectedItem () const
 returns the selected object; returns null if there is no selected object.
virtual void setSelectedItem (UGroup &)
 selects this object.
UIntegerindex () const
virtual int getSelectedIndex () const
 returns the index of the selected object; returns -1 if there is no selected object.
virtual void setSelectedIndex (int n)
virtual void setSelectedIndex (const UInteger &n)
 selects the Nth object; selects the last selectable object if n = -1.
virtual void update ()
 updates parents graphics.


URadioSelecturadioSelect ()
 creator shortcut that return *new URadioSelect;

Detailed Description

Exclusive selector for selecting boxes (eg.

UCheckbox, UButton, etc.).

This selector must be a child of the items it selects. These items are automatically made selectable (for instance an UButton will becone selectable if an USelect is added to it as a child).

    URadioSelect& sel = uradioSelect();
    ubox( ubutton(sel + "One" + UMode::selected)
          + ucheckbox(sel + "Two")
          + utextbox(sel + "Three")

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ubit::URadioSelect::URadioSelect ( UInteger index  ) 



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