ubit::UNumber Class Reference

Active Number base class. More...

#include <unumber.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ubit::UNumber:

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Public Member Functions

 UNumber (UMask b_modes=0)
virtual int intValue () const =0
virtual float floatValue () const =0
virtual double doubleValue () const =0
virtual UStr toString () const =0
virtual UNumberonChange (UCall &)
 adds callbacks that are activated when the objects' value changes.
virtual void changed (bool=true)
 called when object's content is changed.

Detailed Description

Active Number base class.

!NOTE: should not inherit from UBrick

Member Function Documentation

void ubit::UNumber::changed ( bool  = true  )  [virtual]

called when object's content is changed.

if (update_now && (bmodes & UMode::NO_AUTO_UPDATE) == 0) update();

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