ubit::UNatAppli Class Reference

[Impl] Native Application Context. More...

#include <unatappli.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UNatAppli (class UAppli &, class UNatDisp &)
void setProperties (class UConf &)
 initializes actual X data.
void startLoop (bool main_loop)
void quitLoop (bool main_loop)
 starts/quits the mainloop or a subloop
bool resetTimers (UGroup *timers, struct timeval &delay)
void fireTimers (UGroup *timers)
void resetInputs (UGroup *inputs, fd_set &read_set, int &maxfd)
void cleanInputs (UGroup *inputs)
void fireInputs (UGroup *inputs, fd_set &read_set)

Static Public Member Functions

static UTime getTime ()
static void getTime (struct timeval &)
static void addTime (struct timeval &time, unsigned long msec)
static void minTime (struct timeval &mintime, struct timeval &time)
static bool lessTime (struct timeval &time1, struct timeval &time2)


class UAppli

Detailed Description

[Impl] Native Application Context.

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