ubit::UStyleParser Class Reference

Style Parser. More...

#include <ustyleparser.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int parseImpl (StyleMaker &, const UStr &buffer)
 parses the buffer by using this StyleMaker.
int getStatus ()
 returns the parsing status.
void setErrorOutput (std::ostream &)
void setErrorOutput (UStr *)

Static Public Member Functions

static void error (std::ostream *fout, UStr *sout, const char *errtype, const UChar *text_buffer, const char *msg_start, const UStr &name, const char *msg_end, const UChar *line)

Protected Member Functions

bool readStyleDef (StyleMaker &)
 reads one style definition (its selectors + its properties).
bool readStyleSelectors (StyleMaker &)
 reads the selector(s) of the style definition.
bool readStyleProps (StyleMaker &)
 reads the properties of the style definition (the {} part after the selector).
void skipSpaces ()
bool readName (UStr &name)
bool readValue (UStr &value)
bool readNameValuePair (UStr &name, UStr &value)
virtual void error (const char *msg, const UChar *line)
virtual void error (const char *msg_start, const UStr &name, const char *msg_end, const UChar *line)
virtual void unexpected (const char *msg, const UChar *line)

Protected Attributes

bool permissive
int stat
const UChar * text_buffer
const UChar * p
uptr< UStrsout
std::ostream * fout

Detailed Description

Style Parser.

Abstract class: methods addStyle() and addProp() must be implemented by subclasses.

Member Function Documentation

bool ubit::UStyleParser::readValue ( UStr value  )  [protected]

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