Thomas Bonald

I am a Professor at Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, head of the DIG (Data, Intelligence and Graphs) team of LTCI.

I work on data analysis and machine learning, especially on graphs, knowledge bases and natural language processing.

A new version of the YAGO knowledge base is available!


Available on HaL

Some recent papers:


We develop and maintain scikit-network, an open-source Python package for large-scale graph analysis.

We also maintain torch-kge, an open-source Python package for knowledge graph embedding.


YAGO is a large knowledge base with general information about people, cities, countries, movies, organizations and more.

The NetSet collection contains graphs from different domains (Wikipedia, politics, cinema, games, etc.)

Here is the list of the 10,000 vital articles of Wikipedia, with their respective categories.


Some lecture notes:

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Thomas Bonald
Télécom Paris
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