Software projects for which I am the main programmer: TTool, alligator, drone4u, Lobster, The CrocBar

TTool: modeling and verification of embedded systems

TTool is a libre/open-source toolkit for the design and verification of embedded systems. Its strength relies in its formal verification capabilities that can be used at the push of a button. Works under Windows, Linux, MacOS. TTool supports several modeling and verification frameworks:
  • DIPLODOCUS for the partitioning of embedded systems

  • AVATAR for the design of software components

  • SysML-Sec for the design of safe and secure embedded systems

Alligator: data classification

Alligator is a libre/open-source software firstly developed to classify unknwon software into either a clean or malware group.

Drone4U: autonomous UAVs/drones

Drone4U is a libre/open-source software for making UAVs/drones flying totally autonomously inside buildings. For example, the drone interprets its environment in 3D so as to avoid obstacles automatically.


Fed up with Word for making reports, letters, etc.? Fed up with PowerPoint or similar software to make presentations? Use Lobster! Lobster is based on Latex, and the Lobster offers a way to edit latex/beamer files so that to be able to manage document and slides in an easier way. It is fully developed in Java and so, it can run under many Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, and so on).

CrocBar: widget system for Windows/MacOSX/Linux

The Crocbar is an alternative to many shortcuts bars supporting widgets. It is quite lightweight, efficient, and supported under many Operating Systems.