Operating systems, UML for Embedded systems


  1. BasicOS, the basics of Operating Systems, EURECOM engineering degree

  2. OS, advanced notions on Operating Systems and Real Time Operating Systems, Embedded Systems track of EURECOM

  3. UMLEmb, UML for Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems track of EURECOM

Basic of Operating Systems

Since 2022. A short introduction to the most fundamental features of Operating systems, including systems calls, processes, memory management, communication between processes and file systems. Programming in C only. The cours includes a mini-project.

Operating Systems

Since 2008, the course includes a robot competition, for students to learn how to program real-time applications. Robots must be autonomous once they are started. Movie presenting the competition that occured in Jan. 2015:

UML for Embedded Systems

Students learn how to model systems using the UML language. They always practise with case studies provided by companies (e.g., Airbus, Continental, etc.).