Keywords: Design and analysis of embedded system, safety and Security of embedded system, Model-driven engineering, Formal Description Techniques, Mobile malware identification, Classification,

Research topics

Design of embedded systems

  • Design Space Exploration: Design Space Exploration (DSE) of system-on-Chip is the process of analyzing various functionally equivalent implementation alternatives to select an optimal solution. The most suitable design is commonly chosen based on metrics such as functionality, performance, cost, power, reliability, and flexibility. Our environment for design space exploration is called DIPLODOCUS.

  • Design and analysis of safe and secure embedded systems, based on Formal Description Techniques, and applied to the design of real-time systems, including communication protocols. This research work lead me to develop the free software TTool, which support both the DIPLODOCUS and AVATAR environments. More recently, SysML-Sec has been defined in order to take into account the security aspects of embedded systems, in particular security requirements, threats, and the proof of security properties from software-oriented design diagrams.

  • Application to various kinds of embedded systems, e.g., telecommunicaton systems, automotive systems, drones (Drone4u project).

Analysis of embedded systems and smart objects

  • Identification of Android malware with classification techniques: for that purpose, I have developed the free software Alligator
  • Alligator has also been successfully applied to the classification of images.