Keywords: Modeling of real-time systems, Modeling of system-on-chip, Formal Description Techniques, Formal validation, Real-time embedded applications, Communication protocols, Distributed Systems

1st ex-aequo Price of the best internships, delivered by the Telecom Foundation

I was lucky to supervise the intership of Suzanne Schoaraee, ARM, 2014. She won the prize of the best internship given by the Fondation telecom.

For the competition, we made this movie together.

Research: Supervision


Current Ph.D. students (directly supervised, or co-supervised)

  • Mahreen Khan, AI-based analysis of RISC-V hardware architectures. Defense expected in 2027.

  • Sahar Berro, Model-based Joint Analysis of Safety and Security. Defense expected hopefully in 2024.

Past Ph.D. students (directly supervised, or co-supervised)

  • Hui Zhao, Multi-Level Design for Cyber Physical Systems. Successfully defended in Mar. 2022.

  • Maysam Zoor, Model-Based Approach to Design Safe, Secure and Efficient Embedded Systems. Successfully defended in Dec. 2021.

  • Emna Gharbi, Design Space Exploration of programmable and reconfigurable systems for the efficient deployment of 5G network services. Successfully defended in Oct. 2021.

  • Benjamin Dauphin, A run-time environment for efficient management of dynamic application workloads of 5G network services. Successfully defended in March 2021.

  • Matteo Bertolino, Modeling of electronic systems with programmable and reconfigurable architecture for the efficient deployment of 5G network services. Successfully defended in Jan. 2021.

  • Giovanni Camurati, Design for User Trust in an Ecosystem of Ubiquitous Internet of Things. Successfully defended in Dec. 2020.

  • Letitia Li, Secure architectures for protecting the behavior of autonomous vehicles. Successfully defended in Sept. 2018, with congratulations of the whole jury.

  • Florian Lugou, Environments for Analyzing the Security of Smart Objects. Successfully defended in Feb., 2018.

  • Adrien Canuel, Model-based Analysis and Control of Software-Defined Radio Platforms.

  • Elena Pugliese, Flexible and reconfigurable design of access systems for 5G networks. Collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent.

  • Andrea Enrici, Model Driven Engineering of Parallel and Distributed Systems: the Psi-chart approach. Successfully defended in December, 2015.

  • Gabriel Pedroza, Assisting the Design of Secured Applications for Mobile Vehicles. Successfully defended in January, 2013.

  • Sabir Idrees, A Requirements Engineering Driven Approach to Security Architecture Design for Distributed Embedded Systems, Successfully defended in September, 2012.

  • Daniel Knorreck, UML-based Design Space Exploration, Fast Simulation and Static Analysis. Successfully defended the 26th of Oct., 2011.

  • Chafic Jaber, High-Level SoC Modeling and Performance Estimation Applied to a Multi-Core Implementation of LTE EnodeB Physical Layer. Successfully defended the 27th of Sept., 2011.

  • Benjamin Fontan, Méthodologie de conception de systèmes temps réel et distribués en contexte UML/SysML. Successfully defended in July 2008.

Master-level internships and student projects

  • Guillaume Blanc, Pierre Dontenville, "Testing security features of TTool", Fall 2023.

  • Chala Jilo, "Using ChatGPT as a design assistant for engineers", Fall 2023.

  • Miguel POLO-GUILLEN, Delphine RICHARD, Marius-Cristian POPARASCU, "Creating an escape room with security challenges for Ph0wn", Fall 2020

  • Anish KAUSHAL, Imene Khefacha, "Secure code generation from TTool models", Fall 2020

  • Louis BARBE, "Design of a low-cost stabilization system for cameras", Spring 2020

  • Prince AMANKWAH, "Code generation of security functions from high-level models", Spring 2020

  • Andrea TRUFINI, Antonino VITALE, " Create an IoT challenge for Ph0wn", Spring 2020

  • Adib RACHID, "Code generation for ev3 platforms from high-level models", Spring 2020

  • Abbe AHMED-KHALIFA, "Code generation for ev3 platforms from high-level models", Fall 2019

  • Siyuan NIU, "Improvement of a system-level simulation engine", Spring 2019

  • Jakob FITTLER, "Automated code generation for Nucleo boards", Spring 2019

  • Roman SUCHWALKO, "Adding auto-spawn of docker container to CTFd", Spring 2019

  • Javier ERREA MORENO, "Automated code generation for Nucleo Boards", Fall 2018

  • Dhiaeddine ALIOUI, "Automated code generation for Arduinos", Fall 2018

  • Roman SUCHWALKO, "Creating Internet of Things Capture The Flag challenges", Fall 2018

  • Romain VELU, Alexandros Ilias SPARTALIS, "Modeling and Verification of the LIDAR of an Autonomous Rover", Fall 2018

  • Radhwen BOUAOUN, Mohamed Amine GRITLI, "Modeling and Verification of an the sonar of an Autonomous Rover", Fall 2018

  • Martina Fogliato, Luca Rossi, "Car Tracking Devices for Insurance Reports". Spring 2018

  • Kim-Anh-Nhi Nguyen, Samuel Pierre, Arthur Renault, Jean Kergall, Jean Yves Ouattara, "Listen&Warn". Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

  • Jacques Molliere, "Android Malware Detection with Efficient Classification Techniques", Fall 2017

  • Esteban Bernard, "Automated code generation for IoTs, Application to Nucleo64 boards", Fall 2017

  • Berkay Koksal, "Automated code generation for IoTs, Application to Arduinos", Fall 2017

  • Sejal JAIN, ChinTe LIAO, "The Internet of Insecure things, buzzwords and reality", 2017

  • Michele RUSSO, Anders Been WILHELMSEN, "Privacy and Security Analysis of Google's Chromecast", 2017

  • David BREDA, Jean-Rémi DUCRUEUX, "Security analysis of messaging applications (telegram, whatsapp, etc.)", 2017

  • David BREDA, "Efficient classification of Android Applications for Malware Detection", 2016

  • Elfilani JOO, NAS-based Personal Cloud, 2016

  • Chiara CREMON, Federico MADOTTO, Alessio ALBERTINI, Nghia LY, Autonomous navigation for mini drones by visual self-learning, 2016

  • Quentin MARGUERITTE, Sending forged Bluetooth Smart packets, 2016

  • Corrado RAIMONDO, Giuseppe PACELLI, Matteo BERTOLINO, Bartosz GRZESIAK, Reverse Engineering of Suspicious Android Applications, 2016

  • Nghia LY, Tramy NGUYEN, People detection and tracking by mini drones, 2015-2016

  • Isa A. Halmøy FREDRIKSEN, Marc-André BÄR, Reverse Engineering of Suspicious Android Applications, 2015-2016

  • Slim ALAOUD, Radhwene ELHADJ ELARBI, Aicha SIFI, Modelling and Validating a Personal Cloud Storage Solution, 2015-2016

  • Ismail MOURTADA, Wael TELLAT, Chi-Kien DIEP, Private Photo Sharing using Smartphones and WebDav Personal Clouds, 2015-2016

  • Dario DURANDO, Android Marketplace Application Crawler, 2015.

  • Maciej BIELSKI, Linux / Xenomai software drivers for the Embb Digital Signal Processor, 2015.

  • Angeliki AKTYPI, Marie FORRAT, Huynh Dan VO, Quang Huy TRUONG, Attack Crawler for Modern Networked Systems, 2014-2015.

  • Amen OUALI, Shiqian YU, Moises David SOLORZANO MANZANO, Jorge Luis BARANGUAN CASTRO, Private Photo Sharing using Smartphones and Personal Clouds, 2014-2015.

  • Robin Jollans, Drone4u: Beyond GoPro, June 2014.

  • Lorenzo Bracco, Flavia Canino, People Tracking for Autonomous Flying using the AR.Drone 2.0, June 2014.

  • Quynh-Giang Dam, Roaming of WIFI-controlled drones between different Wifi hotspots, 2014.

  • Tuong.Nguyen, Nelly Riou, Indoor drone localization", 2014.

  • Anh-Dung Le, Displaying the video sent by on drone on an Android smartphone with RosJava, 2014.

  • Elsa Mpondo-Dika, Remotely controlling a drone from an Android smartphone with RosJava, 2014.

  • Praveer Singh, Aakanksha Rana, Following a person with drones, 2014.

  • Jean de Campredon, Autonomous drone navigation with signs at crossings, 2013.

  • Yuxin Zhang, A first Android Implementation of TTool, 2012.

  • Pratik Borhade, Teng Huan, Sign-based Mini-Drone Navigation, 2012.

  • Sylvia Grewe, Model and Proof fo Security Properties on Cryptographic Protocols Using UML and ProVerif, 2012.

  • Andrea Enrici, Andrea Mascheroni, Manuel di Giuseppe, Modeling Security-oriented Drivers for Automotive Onboard Systems, 2011.

  • Mickael Bobyck, Using a Real-time UML Profile for Modeling Power Management, 2010.

  • Fabienne Semeria, Developing an Open-source Environment for NXT Robots, 2009.

  • Daniel Knorreck, Fast SystemC Simulation of Hardware Components, 2008.

  • Cristian Macario, Simon Inizan, Improving a System-level Simulator, 2008.

  • Chafic Jaber, Un modèle composant pour la modélisation des applications des Système sur puce, 2007.

  • Muhammad Khurram Bhatti, Designing SoC with data abstraction in mind, 2007.

  • Malek El Hajj, Etude et implémentation d'une sém;antique formelle sous forme d'automates pour le profil UML TURTLE, 2006.

  • Emil Salageanu, A UML Profile for the Specification of Distributed Component Systems, 2006.

  • Muhamad Rashid, ASIP Design for Multimedia Algorithms, 2006.

  • Fayrouz Haddad, Comparative Study of Architecture Synthesis Techniques, 2005

  • Yoann Lopez, Michael Fillinger, Comparative Study of Electronic Architectures Obtained from Automatic Synthesis, 2004

  • Benjamin Fontan, Application d'UML 2.0 et du profil TURTLE à la modélisation et validation du protocole DCCP, 2004