An open javacard platform for authentication in Wi-Fi, and WLAN networks

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EAP smartcards EAP smartcards for multiple standards: EAP-TLS, EAP-AKA, EAP-PSK
Best measured performances: EAP-TLS (5s), EAP-AKA (5s), EAP-PSK (2s)

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smartcardtrends   EAP-TLS on a 32KB java card: it works!  acns05 ANCS 2005 - Applied Cryptography and Network Security 2005

MagSecurs   Using smartcards to increase Wi-Fi security    smartcardstrends 2005  OpenEAP: Do it yourself !  ELECTRONIQUE INTERNATIONALE OS and Software Standards

OpenEapSmartcard nominated for Best Software Sesames at cartes'2005

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  Wi-Fi Security book JCOP

All EAP smartcards have been  tested with JCOP javacards.
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