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Permanent faculty members

Christophe Kervazo -Ass. Professor- url
Henri Maitre -Professor- url
Michel Roux -Ass. Professor- url
Florence Tupin -Professor- url

Associated members

Loïc Denis -Professor- url
Charles Deledalle -Professor- url
Jean-Marie Nicolas -retired- url

PhD candidates

  • Nicolas Gasnier use of multi-temporal and multi-sensor data for continental water body extraction in the context of the SWOT mission (since oct.2018) Dir. F. Tupin, R. Fjortoft, L. Denis (with CNES and CS funding)
  • Arthur Ouaknine (since nov. 2018) Deep learning for radar signals for autonomous driving Dir. P. Perez (Valeo), A. Newson, F. Tupin (with Valeo funding)
  • Emanuele Dalsasso Deep learning for SAR imaging (since jan. 2019) Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis
  • Ines Meraoumia Deep learning for remote sensing image understanding (since nov. 2020) Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis (Futur and Rupture Program funding, IMT)
  • Zoe Berenger Deep learning and SAR tomography for forest monitoring (since oct. 2021) Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis (Futur and Rupture Program funding, IMT)
  • Rassim Hadjeres New approaches for non-linear blind source separation, application to remote sensing (since oct. 2021) Dir. C. Kervazo, F. Tupin (Institut Polytechnique de Paris funding)


  • Remy Abergel Models for complex SAR imagery (nov. 2016-jan. 2018) Dir. F. Tupin, S. Ladjal (with ANR MIRIAM funding)
  • Yue Ferro-Famil SAR tomography (jan. 2019-june 2019) Dir. L. ferro-Famil, F. Tupin, (with ANR ASTRID ALYS funding)
  • Clement Rambour SAR tomography (feb. 2019-sept.2019) Dir. F. Tupin, S. Ladjal (with ANR ASTRID ALYS funding)

Defended PhD

  • Chenguang Liu Multi-modality texture analysis for remote sensing imagery, may 2020
  • Xiangli Yang Deep learning for polarimetric data denoising, may. 2020
  • Gordana Draskovic Robust estimators for image processing, sept. 2019
  • Clement Rambour Structural approaches for SAR tomography in urban areas, feb. 2019
  • Weiying Zhao Rapid mapping from heterogeneous multi-sensor SAR imagery, jan. 2019
  • Paul Riot Blancheur du résidu pour le débruitage d'image, feb. 2018
  • Sylvain Lobry Markovian models for information extraction in SAR imagery, nov. 2017
  • Guillaume Terrasse Geodetection of underground networks with radar imagery, march 2017
  • Flora Weissgerber Hybrid polarimetric imagery: merging of high resolution signle channel data and low resolution polarimetric data, nov. 2016
  • Sonia Tabti New image models for restoration, understanding and change detection with SAR imagery, june 2016
  • Xin Su Exploitation of multi-temporal SAR time series, march 2015
  • Flora Dellinger Local descriptors for SAR imagery and applications, jul. 2014
  • Guillaume Quin Multi-temporal SAR series analysis and automatic change detection, jan. 2014
  • Jean-Baptiste Poisson Circular SAR imagery - moving target tracking, dec. 2013
  • Renaud Fallourd Monitoring of Alpine glaciers by combination of heterogenous information: high resolution SAR images and ground measurements, apr. 2012
  • Charles-Alban Deledalle Image denoising beyond additive Gaussian noise. Patch-based estimators and their application to SAR imagery, nov.2011
  • Guillaume Hochard Change detection in coherent imagery, march.2011
  • Helene Sportouche 3D reconstruction by fusion of optical and SAR data, dec. 2010.
  • Aymen Shabou Multi-label MRF energy minimization with graph-cuts: application to interferometric phase reconstruction, oct. 2010.
  • Gabrielle Lehureau Fusion of SAR and optical data for interpretation of high resolution urban, april 2010.
  • Antoine Ghaleb Analysis of micro-Doppler effect for moving targets in SAR imagery, february 2009.
  • Penelope Lopez-Quiroz Temporal series of Mexico subsidence using SAR interferometry, nov. 2008.
  • Francois Cellier 3D reconstruction in high resolution SAR interferometry, nov. 2007.
  • Dalila Cherifi. Use of a symbolic model for SAR image interpretation, march 2005.
  • Ferdaous Chaabane. Multi-temporal SAR interferometry and atmospheric corrections, march 2004.
  • Celine Tison High resolution SAR interferometry for 3D reconstruction in urban areas, nov. 2004

Doctoral and post-doctoral stays

  • Xiangli Yang Wuhan University (China) since dec. 2017 (2 years)
  • Hong Sun Wuhan University (China) 2014 (3 months)
  • Liu Bin Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) 2012-2013 (6 months)
  • Denis Henrique Salvatore University of Sao Carlos (Brazil) 2011-2012 (9 months)
  • Michelle Horta University of Sao Carlos (Brazil) 2010-2011 (12 months)
  • Talita Perciano University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2010-2011 (18 months)
  • Xavier Rondeau 2010 (18 months)
  • Franck Fayard 2010(12 months)
  • Giampaolo Ferraioli University Parthenope II of Naples (Italy) 2008 (6 months) 2015 (2 months)
  • Yinghua Wang, University of XiAn (China), 2007-2008 (one year)
  • Gianni Lisini, University of Pavia, 2006 (6 months)