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TransForm/Euro-TM WTTM 2011, 3rd Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory

September 22-23, Rome, Italy - in conjunction with DISC 2011

Transactional Memory (TM) is a new programming paradigm which is considered by most researchers as the future of parallel programming. Not surprisingly, a lot of work is being devoted to the implementation of TM systems, in hardware or solely in software. What might be surprising is the little effort devoted so far to devising a sound theoretical framework to reason about the TM abstraction.

In conjunction with DISC 2011, the TransForm project (Marie Curie Initial Training Network) and EuroTM (COST Action IC1001) are hosting the 3rd edition of the Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory (WTTM 2011). WTTM intends to foster exchanges, discussions, and disseminations among researchers who work on speculative solutions for concurrent programming. The objective is to discuss new theoretical challenges and recent achievements in the area of transactional computing.

The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to:

Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers at WTTM 2011 will include:

How to participate?

The workshop will consist of invited talks, reviewed contributions, and discussion panels. The presentations may contain results that appeared or are going to appear elsewhere, work-in-progress reports, surveys and tutorials. Student work is especially encouraged to be submitted.

A submission is expected to be a short (one-two pages) abstract of the presentation, and will be lightly reviewed for appropriateness for the workshop. Please send them by August 10 to: and

Important dates

Submission deadline: 10 August 2011(extended)
Acceptance notification: 20 August 2011(extended)
Workshop dates: 22-23 September 2011


September 22

Time Authors Title Slides
Semantics and synchronization techniques
17h30-17h55Michael ScottSemantics for transactional languagesPDF
17h55-18h20Maurice HerlihyOn the Nature of Progressslides
18h20-18h45Panagiota FatourouHighly Efficient Blocking Synchronization Techniques
18h45-19h10Idit KeidarOn Locality and NUMA effects in STM and other Libraries

September 23

Time Authors Title Slides
Models and transaction-friendly abstractions
09h-09h25Nir Shavit, Alex MatveevTowards a fully Pessimistic STM Model
09h25-09h50Faith EllenA Wait-free Transaction friendly Universal construction
09h50-10h05Sandeep HansExploring the relations between STM and DB consistency conditionsPPT
10h05-10h20Tyler Crain, Vincent Gramoli, Michel RaynalA Transaction-friendly Binary Search TreePDF
11h-11h30Coffee break
Lower bounds and nesting
11h30-11h55Alessia MilaniOn disjoint-access parallelismPPT
11h55-12h10Masoud Saeida Ardekani, Pierre Sutra, Marc ShapiroThe Impossibility of Ensuring Snapshot Isolation in Genuine Replicated STMsPDF
12h10-12h35Sathya PeriEfficient Non-blocking Conflict Notion for Nested TransactionsPPT
13h-14hLunch break
Scheduling, monitors and speculation
14h-14h25Danny HendlerScheduling based Transactional Memory Contention ManagementPPT
14h25-14h50Annete Bienussa, Thomas FuhrmannLifting the Barriers-Integration of Monitors into a Distributed Transactional Memory System
14h50-15h15Paolo Romano, Roberto Palmieri, Francesco Quaglia, Luis RodriguesBoosting STM Replication via SpeculationPDF
16h-16h30Coffee break
Practical TM specifications and verification
16h30-16h55Torvald RiegelDraft Specification of Transactional Language Constructs for C++PDF
16h55-17h20Magel MichaelHow to Support Non-blocking Transactions in Practical TM Specifications
17h20-17h45Victor LuchangcoFormal machine-checked verification of a real Transactional Memory algorithmPDF
17h45-18h45Discussion and conclusion


Petr Kuznetsov
TU Berlin/T Labs, Germany

Srivatsan Ravi
TU Berlin/T Labs, Germany

Paolo Romano
INESC-ID Lisbon, Portugal