Michèle Wigger

Telecom Paris, LTCI
Room 3C58
19 Place Marguerite Perey
91120 Palaiseau

Email: michele.wigger(at)telecom-paris.fr
Tel.: +33 1 75 31 92 96

Research Interests: I'm interested in everything related to information theory, in particular with distributed users that have partial (imperfect) observations or can cooperate in a constrained manner.
Most of my previous research activities were related to one of the following:
  • Communication over networks with feedback, state-information, cooperation links, correlated sources, or caches.
  • Distributed compression and storage systems with side-information and under reconstruction constraints.
  • Coordination of smart distributed agents over noisy networks.
  • Distributed detection systems (hypothesis tests) with partial distributed side-information.
  • For more information about my research, please consider my publications and presentations.