Cédric Ware: personal page

I don't have a dedicated personal page at the moment, so I'll use this section to share a few things I like outside work:

Yes, I am a geek, hadn't you noticed? ;-)

I like what flies

This is a broad category, but how else say that I've always liked watching birds, planes and spacecraft?


Now that I think about it, I don't have anything about planes or birds; you'll have to take my word for it.

Science fiction

I read a lot of SF. Not mind-twisting stuff, though, mostly space opera. Which many SF fans will insist is not “true” science fiction. Indeed, there are many sub-genres, and different people will like different books or different authors. I especially like:

Do I read anything else? Well, I often don't “click” with a story unless its universe is different from ours, but still evolved from it. The future, alternate histories, yes. Magic, no.

One exception is the Discworld fantasy stories. Well-written, good stories, fantasy parodies. Excellent French translation.


I am the happy owner of a Celestron NexStar 102SLT 102-mm F/6.5 refractor. It's not in the same class as Hubble, but it's much easier to haul around. Seriously: I wanted an instrument to see planets (for which even Paris' light pollution isn't a problem), that I could set up quickly and easily (unlike most reflectors) and light and rugged enough that I could occasionally take it with me on a vacation under darker skies (7 kg, including the tripod and computerized “go-to” mount; anything larger would mean a very quick weight increase).

I'm still learning and experimenting, especially to take pictures—which is much harder than just observing. In the meantime, here are some early results.
Last-quarter moon.
Orion Nebula.
Andromeda Galaxy.
Dumbbell Nebula.


Finally, I've always liked tinkering with computers. I used to be a system administrator, and am still part of the team who manages email and shell account services for ENS' alumni association.

I have grown out of assembling my own hardware, but I still value keeping control of what it runs. I thus favor Free and Open-Source software wherever possible: more developer-friendly, usually more reliable and more secure.

Some of the resulting production: utilities, LaTeX document templates... can be found on my nonacademic page.