Seminars and practice of image processing

2021 - 2022

Responsables : F. Tupin [florence.tupin@telecom-paris.fr] (seminars) / V. Meas-Yedid [vmeasyed@pasteur.fr] (project)

This course is constituted by a long project all along the semester (with a bibliography part and an implementation part) and a serie of seminars dealing with various applications fields of image processing and analysis (biometry, remote sensing, defense, ...).
Seminars take place in  Jussieu on monday afternoon from 1:45 tp 5:00 p.m in rooms here

The sessions to work on the project are not specified (no room is booked) but the free monday afternoons have to be used in priority to work on your project and possibly have meeting with your project supervisor.
Annual meeting on processing of biological images : BioImage Informatics 2021 (29th nov - 1st dec.)

Informations on the oral presentation:
Attributions des projets :
Practical information on the project presentation :

They will take place on the 7th of february.
It is compulsery to attend to all the presentations of your time slot.
Rooms will be sent by email.