ubit::UElementClass Member List

This is the complete list of members for ubit::UElementClass, including all inherited members.

DONT_PARSE_CONTENT enum value (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass
EMPTY_ELEMENT enum value (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass
getId() const ubit::UClass
getModes() const ubit::UClass [virtual]
getName() const ubit::UClass
getProps() const ubit::UElementClass [virtual]
getStyle() const ubit::UElementClass [virtual]
id() const ubit::UClass
initClass() (defined in ubit::UClass)ubit::UClass [protected, virtual]
isInstance(UObject &obj) const ubit::UClass [virtual]
name() const ubit::UClass
newInstance() const ubit::UClass [virtual]
newStyle() const ubit::UClass [virtual]
PRESERVE_SPACES enum value (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass
setProps(UProps *) const ubit::UElementClass [virtual]
UClass(const char *name) (defined in ubit::UClass)ubit::UClass [protected]
UClass(const UStr &name) (defined in ubit::UClass)ubit::UClass [protected]
UElementClass(const char *name) (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass [protected]
UElementClass(const UStr &name) (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass [protected]
UElementClassMap (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass [friend]
~UClass() (defined in ubit::UClass)ubit::UClass [virtual]
~UElementClass() (defined in ubit::UElementClass)ubit::UElementClass [virtual]

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