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Eric Lecolinet The Ubiquitous Brick Interaction Toolkit

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  Ubit and Ubit3D  

Ubit is a GUI toolkit that combines the advantages of scene graph and widget based toolkits. The Ubit3D extension makes it possible to display 2D GUIs in a 3D space. Main features:

  Ubit Mouse Server (UMS)  

UMS is a X11 interaction server that provides:

Note on multiple pointers: Ubit (or UMS compliant) applications can distinguish multiple pointers (so that each pointer can perform a different action on the application). Other applications will merge the events coming from different pointers. However, it is generally possible to use one pointer per application application without interfereing.

  Supported platforms  

Ubit has been tested on a variety of Unix platforms including, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X (with a X11 server), embedded Linux.

Ubit is written in C++. Two rendering modes are available: by using X11 or OpenGL. The OpenGL mode improves performance for transparency and resizing. It also makes it possible to display widgets in 3D.

  Documentation & Papers