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Telecom ParisTech, TSI, office C13, 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France
www: - tel: +33 1 45 81 77 58

Telecom ParisTech


I am a researcher in computer science, specialized in 3D computer graphics.


Professional experience:




My research areas focus on 3D Computer Graphics, with a special interest in Modeling and Rendering efficiently 3D data, which include:

For more information, see my publications, my Google Scholar profile and my YouTube channel. See also a recent siminar (in French) I gave at College de France.

Current PhD Students: Malik Boughida, Adrien Kaiser, Gilles Laurent, Hélène Legrand, Thibault Lescoat, Victor Lucquin, Sylvain ROusseau.

Past PhD Students: Bert Buchholz (now at TU Delft), Noura Faraj, Thierry Guillemot (now at University Paris Descartes), Emilie Guy (now at Weta Digital), Matthias Holländer (now at NVIDIA ARC), Jing Huang, Jean-Marc Thiery, Guillaume Vialaneix (now at Autodesk), Leila Schemali (now at MPC), Stephane Calderon (now post-doc in our group).


Software & Resources

Research apps and source codes:

Small tools:

Old stuff:



Founder and leader of the computer graphics group at Telecom ParisTech.
Associate Editor for CGF (Journal of the Eurographics Association, 2010-2013). Guest Editor for CG&A (2011).
Program Chair: ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Web3D 2011, ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 SRC Program
Scientific Program Committee: SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, SIGGRAPH Asia, SGP, EGSR, SMI, GMP, 3DPVT, VMV, Web3D and others
Co-founder and co-head of the FabLab of Telecom ParisTech.
Funded projects: Harvest4D (EU), REVERIE (EU), 3DLife (EU), MediaGPU (ANR), KidPocket (ANR), CeCiL (ANR), FETUS (ANR), Chaire Imaginaire (Dassault Systeme, Ubisoft, Orange Labs, Peugeot-Citroen), Parallel Geometry (EDF), iSpace&Time (ANR), ACTE (ANSES)


I am the co-head of the 3D & Interactive Systems Master Track at Telecom ParisTech. I am the head or co-head of the following classes: