PRIM Topics in Computer Graphics
IGR Filière, 2022-23

Students carry out a research project of interesting research articles. The project will be supervised by one of our experts in the computer graphics field. In case of PRIM, it is also possible to carry out a project in a company, co-supervised by a teacher from our school, with a topic that has been validated by the teacher. (No PRIM project will be possible without the validation of the teacher).

The project will be evaluated by submitted work including a report and final defense. The report must be submitted by the student before the defense. The members of the Computer Graphics group may attend the defense and participate in the Q/A session. The evaluation criteria are not negotiable even in the topic from a company and even if there is confidential contents. If any constraints apply to the topic, the student must notify the host company and teacher before the project is accepted.


IMPORTANT: Please be aware of that the topics listed below will be flexibly adapted according to your background knowledge and interests. Moreover, in addition to the topics listed below, you can still discuss other topics with your potential supervisor. Please feel free to contact supervisors (listed at each topic below) if you have any interesting directions you want to investigate in the computer graphics area.

This project aims to implement a stable fluid solver using machine learning library, TensorFlow, such that the solver is differentiable and can be integrated in training process. This topic requires good understanding of partial differential equations, in particular, the Navier-Stokes equations that model a variety of fluid flows. Moreover, it requires nice programming skills (particularly in Python). You should be able to make good use of TensorFlow.
Please see the pdf file.