Advanced 3D Computer Graphics - IMA904/IG3DA
M2, IGR / IGD Master, 2022-23

Organizer: Kiwon Um

E-mail: at telecom-paris dot fr

Office: 5.B20

Lecturers: Jonathan Fabrizio, Amal Dev Parakkat, and Kiwon Um

This course tackles advanced topics in computer graphics while aiming to broaden and deepen your knowledge covered along the IGR program in M1. We will discuss advanced concepts of offline and direct rendering as well as geometry processing and simulations with a wide range of applications such as games and VFX.

The training includes a set of differnt practical exercises, known as TP, such that you can master the topics with actual programming examples. These exercises will not be graded. At the start of the course, you have to choose a research article from the proposed list and work for a project on the selected topic for the final evaluation.


You must have followed the IGR201 and IGR202 courses of the IGR program (or equivalent) in M1 and are supposed to own the followings:


At the end of the course, after the final presentation, you have to send the organizer one zip file (or a link) that contains (1) a presentation PDF file, (2) a report PDF file, and (3) source codes if deliverable.

Deadline: midnight of the final presentation day

The evaluation will take into account the followings:

We value academic integrity; thus, you must understand the meaning and consequences of plagiarism. You can refer to existing codes, texts, and any materials that would be useful for your project. However, you must be careful to reuse them properly.

Course Schedule and Materials

When: Friday @ 08:30-12:45

Articles for project

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