Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality - IGR202
M1, IGR / IGD Master, 2022/23

Organizer: Amal Dev Parakkat

Lecturers: Amal Dev Parakkat and Kiwon Um

This page is maintained only to provide with the course materials by Kiwon Um. Please refer to the main course webpage maintained by the Organazer.

Course Schedule

Time: Monday @ 08:30-11:45 and Wednesday @ 13:30-16:45

Submission Guideline

Please make sure that your implementation compiles without errors and the application runs as you programmed. It is recommended that the file name for your package is to be the form of TpName-YourLastName-YourFirstName. Your package must contain:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT include unnecessary files such as the executable and object files generated from your build.