• Sanjeel Parekh (project leader), Chair DSAIDIS
  • Eric Adjakossa, Expresso project (PSPC, BPI project)

Current PhD Students

  • Dimitri Bouche (with Marianne Clausel and François Roueff)
  • Etienne Desticourt (with Véronique Letort, MICS (ECP) and Air Liquide)
  • Pierre Laforgue (with Stephan Clémençon from LTCI) – to defend soon
  • Alex Lambert (with Zoltan Szabo from CMAP)
  • Luc Motte (with Juho Rousu, Céline Brouard and Alessandro Rudi) on APi ANR project led by Paul Honeine
  • Jayneel Parehk (with Pavlo Mozharovskyi)
  • Guillaume Staerman (with Stéphan Clémençon and Pavlo Mozharovskyi)

Former collaborators

Former Postdoc

  • Pierre Geurts, Prof. Université de Liège.
  • Nicolas Brunel, ENSIIE.
  • Justin Bedo, IBM
  • Markus Heinonen, Aalto University.
  • Romain Brault, Thalès
  • Maxime Sangnier, Ass. prof. Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Former PhD students

  • Cédric Auliac (project leader at CEA)
  • Romain Brault (Thalès)
  • Céline Brouard (researcher, INRAE)
  • Moussab Djerrab (founder, FenTech Solutions)
  • Arnaud Fouchet (start-up)
  • Alexandre Garcia (Prof. Lycée Chaptal, classe préparatoires)
  • Olivier Gérard (global manager at GE Healthcare)
  • Yann Guermeur (Research director at Loria)
  • Marie-Jeanne Lesot (HDR-assistant professor, UPMC)
  • Néhémy Lim (Lecturer at Connecticut University, USA)
  • Adel Mezine (with Véronique Letort, MAS, ECP)
  • George Siolas (senior researcher at  Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Athens university)
  • Nizar Touleimat (research scientist at CEA)
  • Liva Ralaivola (full professor at Aix-Marseille University, Head of Research lab at Criteo)
  • Blandine Romain (research and development engineer at DOSIsoft)

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