ubit::UWheelEvent Member List

This is the complete list of members for ubit::UWheelEvent, including all inherited members.

addFlagdef(const UFlagdef *)ubit::UEvent
ControlButton enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
getButtonState() const ubit::UInputEvent
getCond() const ubit::UEvent
getDisp() const ubit::UEvent
getFlagdef(const UFlag &) const ubit::UEvent
getFlow() const ubit::UEvent
getFlowID() const ubit::UEvent
getNatDisp() const ubit::UEvent
getParentView() const ubit::UEvent
getPropdef(const UFlag &) const ubit::UEvent
getSource() const ubit::UEvent
getState() const ubit::UInputEvent
getSysEvent() const ubit::UEvent
getTarget() const ubit::UEvent
getView() const ubit::UEvent
getWheelDelta() const ubit::UWheelEvent [virtual]
getWhen() const ubit::UEvent
getWin() const ubit::UEvent
getWinView() const ubit::UEvent
inputEvent() (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent [virtual]
isAltDown() const (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent
isAltGraphDown() const (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent
isConsumed() const (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
isControlDown() const (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent
isIgnored() const (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
isMetaDown() const ubit::UInputEvent
isShiftDown() const (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent
keyEvent() (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent [virtual]
LeftButton enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
MButton1 enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
MButton2 enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
MButton3 enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
messageEvent()ubit::UEvent [virtual]
MidButton enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
mouseEvent() (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent [virtual]
paintEvent() (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent [virtual]
RightButton enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
setPosAndSource(int x_hardwin, int y_hardwin)ubit::UInputEvent [virtual]
ShiftButton enum value (defined in ubit::UEvent)ubit::UEvent
UEvent(UEventFlow *=null, UView *hardwin_view=null, USysEvent=null, UTime=0, const UCond *=null)ubit::UEvent
UEvent(UBrick *source)ubit::UEvent
UInputEvent(UEventFlow *f, UView *v, USysEvent e, UTime t, const UCond &c) (defined in ubit::UInputEvent)ubit::UInputEvent
UWheelEvent(UEventFlow *f, UView *v, USysEvent e, UTime t, const UCond &c) (defined in ubit::UWheelEvent)ubit::UWheelEvent
WHEEL_DELTA enum value (defined in ubit::UWheelEvent)ubit::UWheelEvent
wheelEvent() (defined in ubit::UWheelEvent)ubit::UWheelEvent [virtual]

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