ubit::UScrollbarView Member List

This is the complete list of members for ubit::UScrollbarView, including all inherited members.

addVModes(UMask modes)ubit::UView
caretPosToXY(long caret_pos, int &line, int &col) const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView [virtual]
closure(const URegion &rect2) (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
closure(int x, int y, int w, int h)ubit::URegion
convertPos(const UView *to_view, int &to_x, int &to_y, const UView *from_view, int from_x, int from_y)ubit::UView [static]
createView(UChild *, UView *parview, UHardWinImpl *)ubit::UScrollbarView [static]
DAMAGED enum valueubit::UView
DESTRUCTED enum valueubit::UView
doLayout(UContext &, UViewLayout &)ubit::UView [virtual]
doUpdate(UContext &, URegion r, URegion clip, UViewUpdate &)ubit::UView [virtual]
eventToX(const UMouseEvent &e) const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
eventToY(const UMouseEvent &e) const ubit::UView
FIXED_HEIGHT enum value (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
FIXED_WIDTH enum valueubit::UView
flowCast() (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView [virtual]
FORCE_POS enum value (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getBox() const ubit::UView
getBoxParent() const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getDisp() const ubit::UView
getHardWinImpl() (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getHeight() const ubit::UView
getNatDisp() const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getNatWin() const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getParentView() const ubit::UView
getPos(int &x, int &y) const ubit::UView
getPos() const ubit::UView
getPosInWin(int &x, int &y) const ubit::UView
getPosInWin() const ubit::UView
getPosOnScreen(int &x, int &y) const ubit::UView
getPosOnScreen() const ubit::UView
getProp(T *&p)ubit::UView
getSize(int &w, int &h) const ubit::UView
getSize() const ubit::UView
getViewStyle()ubit::UScrollbarView [virtual]
getVModes() const ubit::UView
getWidth() const ubit::UView
getWin() const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
getWinView() const ubit::UView
getX() const ubit::UView
getY() const ubit::UView
hasVMode(int modes) const ubit::UView
height (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
INITIALIZED enum value (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
INITIALIZING enum valueubit::UView
inter(const URegion &rect2) (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
inter(int x, int y, int w, int h)ubit::URegion
isRealized() const ubit::UView
isShown() const ubit::UView
NO_DOUBLE_BUFFER enum value (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
obtainProp(T *&p)ubit::UView
operator delete(void *) (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
paneCast()ubit::UView [virtual]
POS_HAS_CHANGED enum valueubit::UView
REALIZED_CHILDREN enum valueubit::UView
removeVModes(UMask modes)ubit::UView
set(const URegion &r) (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
set(int _x, int _y, int _w, int _h) (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
setPos(int x, int y)ubit::UView
setSize(int width, int height)ubit::UView
SIZE_HAS_CHANGED enum value (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
style (defined in ubit::UScrollbarView)ubit::UScrollbarView [static]
tableCast() (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView [virtual]
updatePaint(URegion *view_region=null, int dbf_mode=0)ubit::UView
updateWinData(const URegion &window_region)ubit::UView
updateWinPaint(const URegion &window_region, int dbf_mode, bool all_layers, UView *first_layer)ubit::UView
URegion() (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
URegion(int _x, int _y, int _w, int _h) (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
UScrollbarView(UChild *, UView *parview, UHardWinImpl *) (defined in ubit::UScrollbarView)ubit::UScrollbarView
UView(UChild *, UView *parview, UHardWinImpl *) (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
VMODES enum nameubit::UView
width (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
x (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
XToXwin(int x_in_view) const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
XwinToX(int x_in_win) const (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView
xyToCaretPos(int line, int col, long &caret_pos) const ubit::UView [virtual]
y (defined in ubit::URegion)ubit::URegion
YToYwin(int y_in_view) const ubit::UView
YwinToY(int y_in_win) const ubit::UView
~UView() (defined in ubit::UView)ubit::UView [virtual]

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