Fast Lossy Compression of 3D Unit Vector Sets

Sylvain Rousseau and Tamy Boubekeur
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Technical Brief

Fast Lossy Compression of 3D Unit Vector Sets
1: Unit vectors are grouped according to their spherical coordinates. 2: For each group (window), we apply a uniform mapping that relocates subparts to the whole surface of the unit sphere. 3: To compress the vectors, we apply any existing unit vector quantization with an improved precision.


We propose a new efficient ray compression method to be used prior to transmission in a distributed Monte Carlo rendering engine. In particular, we introduce a new compression scheme for unorganized unit vector sets (ray directions) which, combined with state-of-the-art positional compression (ray origin), provides a significant gain in precision compared to classical ray quantization techniques. Given a ray set which directions lie in a subset of the Gauss sphere, our key idea consists in mapping it to the surface of the whole unit sphere, for which collaborative compression achieves a high signal-over-noise ratio. As a result, the rendering engine can distribute efficiently massive ray waves over large heterogeneous networks, with potentially low bandwidth. This opens a way toward Monte Carlo rendering in cloud computing, without the need to access specialized hardware such as rendering farms, to harvest the latent horsepower present in public institutions or companies.



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