Markerless Garment Capture

Derek Bradley, Tiberiu Popa, Alla Sheffer, Wolfgang Heidrich, Tamy Boubekeur
SIGGRAPH 2008 (ACM Transactions on Graphics vol. 27)


A lot of research has recently focused on the problem of capturing the geometry and motion of garments. Such work usually relies on special markers printed on the fabric to establish temporally coherent correspondences between points on the garment's surface at different times. Unfortunately, this approach is tedious and prevents the capture of off-the-shelf clothing made from interesting fabrics.

In this paper, we describe a marker-free approach to capturing garment motion that avoids these downsides. We establish temporally coherent parameterizations between incomplete geometries that we extract at each timestep with a multiview stereo algorithm. We then fill holes in the geometry using a template. This approach, for the first time, allows us to capture the geometry and motion of unpatterned, off-the-shelf garments made from a range of different fabrics.



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Scaled window matching
Capture results for five frames of a blue dress. Input images (top) and reconstructed geometry (bottom).