Connectivity-preserving Smooth Surface Filling with Sharp Features

Thibault Lescoat, Pooran Memari, Jean-Marc Thiery, Maks Ovsjanikov and Tamy Boubekeur
Pacific Graphics 2019

Connectivity-preserving Smooth Surface Filling with Sharp Features


We present a method for constructing a surface mesh filling gaps between the boundaries of multiple disconnected input components. Unlike previous works, our method pays special attention to preserving both the connectivity and large-scale geometric features of input parts, while maintaining efficiency and scalability w.r.t. mesh complexity. Starting from an implicit surface reconstruction matching the parts' boundaries, we first introduce a modified dual contouring algorithm which stitches a meshed contour to the input components while preserving their connectivity. We then show how to deform the reconstructed mesh to respect the boundary geometry and preserve sharp feature lines, smoothly blending them when necessary. As a result, our reconstructed surface is smooth and propagates the feature lines of the input. We demonstrate on a wide variety of input shapes that our method is scalable to large input complexity and results in superior mesh quality compared to existing techniques.



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