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As-Simple-As Possible Tessellation for Interactive Applications

Tamy Boubekeur
Chapter in GPU Pro - Advanced Rendering Techniques (ShaderX Book Series). A.K. Peters. 2010

As-Simple-As Possible Tessellation for Interactive Applications
Extended Phong Tessellation naturally completes Phong Shading for triangles, quad and triquad meshes. From left to right: the input domain, shading with Phong Normal Interpolation and Extended Phong Tessellation generated in real time on the GPU.


In this chapter, I describe and extend the Phong Tessellation operator, a simple and efficient way to define curved geometry from flat polygons. This operator is local, defined per-polygon using only vertex position and normal vectors and does not require to generate any explicit patch. It completes Phong normal interpolation in locations where curved geometry is critical to hide polygonization artifacts (silhouette, interior contours) . I extend the original operator to the case of quads, making it compatible with triangle, quad and tri-quad meshes. This technique can be implemented on today's GPUs using uniform or adaptive instanced tessellation as well as on future DX11 graphics architectures using the tessellator unit.


Book Chapter:
  • Book available online and in book stores in spring 2010.
  • Table of content and summary of the book is here

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