Advanced Computer Graphics (IG3DA/IMA904)

M2 - IGR Engineering Master Track (Telecom ParisTech) & Master IMA (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Advanced Computer Graphics


This course if given by several member of the Computer Graphics Group of Telecom ParisTech (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications) and ofEPITA.


This course covers several advanced areas of 3D computer graphics, with particular emphasis on geometric modeling with 3D surface meshes, realistic image synthesis, real-time rendering (e.g., video games) and special effects. During the semester, the students deepen and implement a research article, discuss it during a seminar (first evaluation) and present the result of their implementation, possibly with evolutions or improvements compared to the original article, at the end of the semester (second evaluation).

Content (2018-2019)

Projet de Cours

The course is evaluated with a project, conducted by each student during the semester. This project consists in implementing, in the form of a software prototype, a research article related to one of the themes of the course. This work is the subject of two presentations evaluated during the semester:

  1. the seminar (intermediate defense), on the scientific study of the method and the demonstration of a first prototype embryo (10-minute presentation, PDF or powerpoint),
  2. the final defense on the final prototype (10 minutes presentation + demo).
The rules are as follows: At the end of the project, the source code of the prototype (with a binary windows if necessary), presentation slides and a mini-report (2 to 5 pages, describing the work done, the features of the prototype and the way to use it) must be delivered by email to this address maximum 3 days after the defense. The email must have the subject "[IG3DA][Project Submission] LAST NAME FIRST NAME" and provide a link to a zip archive containing these different elements.

List of projects:

  1. MatCap Decomposition
  2. Structure-Aware Mesh Decimation
  3. Generalized Cylinder Decomposition
  4. Variance Soft Shadow Mapping
  5. Sparse Radiance Probes
  6. A new microflake model with microscopic self-shadowing for accurate volume downsampling
  7. Laplacian Kernel Splatting
  8. Soft 3D Reconstruction
  9. Single View 3D Curve
  10. Mesh Color Textures
  11. Regularized Kelvinlets: Sculpting Brushes based on Fundamental Solutions of Elasticity
  12. Characterizing Shape Using Conformal Factors
  13. Simple Formulas For Quasiconformal Plane Deformations
  14. Symmetry Factored Embedding And Distance (un code c++ permettant l'extraction de vecteurs propres de matrices sera fourni).
  15. Adaptive quad mesh simplification
  16. Vector-field deformation
  17. Real-time Cloth Rendering with Fiber-level Detail
  18. Real-Time Linear BRDF MIP-Mapping
  19. A Fiber Scattering Model With Non-Separable Lobes
  20. Interactive Wood Combustion for Botanical Tree Models
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